Thursday, April 15, 2010

ways to prevent cholesterol

in addition to heredity and excess cholesterol eat menu (fats), cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood rises may occur due to the presence of diabetes. Fasting can make normal. We suspect it may cause high cholesterol.

Other things, possible causes of rising cholesterol is obesity. index BMI (body mass / index) more than 25, from counting weight (kg) divided by height squared (M), then classified overweight. Moreover, if the index more than 30. Losing weight should be done to reduce the tendency of excessive cholesterol in the blood. Another thing, namely the factors of smoking, excessive coffee, stress, increasing age, which decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism as opposed to a condition of excessive thyroid function, or hyperthyroidism), kidney trouble, or liver disorders.

To determine whether the cause of the excess blood cholesterol is not due to heredity, the factors above need to be removed first with other laboratory examinations, which check kidney function, liver and thyroid gland from the blood.
The body of excess cholesterol in addition to compulsory abstinence all types of menus that contain high cholesterol, such as organ meats, brains of cattle, red meat, also need to restrict carbohydrate from rice, sago, bread, noodles. If excessive, the menu also will be converted into fat.

Consumption of vegetables, fruits, grains, tubers, rice bran, bread ganclum, white meat (chicken, rabbit, fish, egg white) may be reproduced. Choose olive oil, fish oil, canola, oat bran, omega-3. Ideally, select the menu that are baked, dipepes, or steamed.