Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good and bad effects of drugs

The negative impact of abuse of narcoticsAccording to the above definition, it is clear that the drug, if misused, is very harmful for human physical and mental health. In fact, the use of excessive dose or known by the term overdose (OD) can lead to death. Unfortunately, despite already knowing the substance is highly dangerous, there are still people who abuse it.
The positive impact of narcotics for human lifeEven so, every life has two sides of a coin. Beyond the negative impact of narcotics also have a positive impact. If used properly, especially for saving lives and assisting in treatment, drug benefits for human life. Following the positive impact of narcotics:
OpioidsOpioids or opium used for centuries as a painkiller and to prevent coughing and diarrhea.

CocaineErythroxylon coca plant leaves are usually chewed to get the stimulant effects, such as to increase endurance and stamina and reduce fatigue.

MarijuanaPrevious people using cannabis plant material for the bag because it produces a very strong fiber. Hemp seeds are also used as materials for oil.