Thursday, April 15, 2010

With Robot, More Accurate Operation

Acrobot is a robot that was developed Acrobot Co.. Ltd., The companies formed Imperial College London. Robots are designed to help surgeons perform knee replacement surgery. Robots are preparing an artificial knee components between the foot bones of patients.

The doctors studied the results of surgical operations on 27 patients undergoing knee replacement. Patients were divided into two groups. 14 of whom underwent normal operation while the other 13 the robot assisted.
Although robot-assisted surgery process takes several minutes longer, the result is more accurate than the robotic assisted surgery. Fault level of less than two degrees from the planned position. Whereas in conventional surgery, only 40 percent of the level of accuracy similar to that carried out the robot.

The research team also found no side effects use of robots in surgery. In fact, the sooner the healing process operations performed on several robots.
"These robots are designed to maintain the position of the surgeon's hand during surgery, rather than replacing the entire role," said Professor Juston Cobb who led the research.
With demikain, they can actually prevent the movement of the surgeon made a mistake. "We can develop operating procedures are more comfortable with the risk of error is smaller, faster recovery and better results," Cobb continued, adding even more importantly, the more accurate the results, the better for the patient.
The results of this study is not only useful in the process of dissection, but to save costs. By improving the quality of the operation, which replaced the body components are likely more durable so it does not need additional surgery.