Thursday, April 15, 2010


Morphine is the standard content of opium. in 1805, a German pharmacist named Sertuerner managed to isolate morphine (derived from the Greek Morpheus, god is none other than the Dream). The content of morphine from opium smoking to 10%. Year 1874, the factory managed to synthesize heroin Bayer (diasetilmorfin or diamorphine) from raw materials of morphine using anhydrous acetic acid or vinegar. The name heroin was taken from the German, ie Heroic, which means hero. Heroin is the first time made this a try to cure a cough suppressant (antitusif) and painkillers (analgesics).

However, new in 1898 tested the benefits and dangers in animals and humans. It turns out the dangers of heroin is far greater than the benefits. Because it was in 1924 in the United States banned production and use.

Heroin used to be made by the manufacturer legally. But since the ban on the production of heroin is made by a dark industry (Clandestine). This dark industry often takes place in the gardens of opium, for example in the area of the Golden Triangle (Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos), West Asia (Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan). This looks, from every police force or military operations is found large amounts of vinegar. Heroin is more expensive than morphine; addictive effects (addiction) and hallucinations more powerful than morphine.