Monday, February 22, 2010

The brain behind Google's Attack Against

A man in China is close to the government allegedly was behind the attack against Google last year with his spyware program. Financial Times, Monday, reports, the man - an Internet security consultant was 30 years old - to send the program to a hacking forum. At the forum he said, was doing a "job" with that program.
Spyware makers were working alone and not attack, but officials of China have special access to the software that works, the report said as reported by Reuters. The report did not mention how the analysts see connections with the government man. Allegations of spyware attacks is a new chapter in the dispute to overshadow the Google and the U.S. government against China, with the protection and control of the number of internet hackers. In January, the company's search engine giant, Google threatened fled from China and delete language search portal China after the introduction of censorship and cyber attacks from domestic bamboo curtain that. White House parties also criticized the incident and urged Beijing to investigate the complaint that the complaint in depth and open. Beijing parties said his side against hacking attempt (burglary).