Monday, February 22, 2010

China Denies Attack School Google

Educational institutions in China which allegedly has links with virtual attacks against Google denies involvement, local media reported. Earlier the New York Times quoted December unnamed virtual launch that attack aimed at Google and dozens of other companies have been detected coming from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Vocational school Lanxiang, which is suspected to have links with the military.
A month ago Google refused to comply with Internet censorship by the government of China is accused of being behind the cyberspace attacks against Gmail account China's human rights activists around the world. A spokesman Shanghai Jiaotong University Xinhua quoted saying, "We are shocked and offended the allegations are unfounded, which can damage the reputation of our institutions." "New York Times report that traced by IP address (Internet protocol) simple. Berkembangan network technology with the more advanced now, such reports are not objective and balanced." Li Zixiang head part of the vocational school in Shandong Province Lanxiang whose name is also mentioned in the report saying, "The investigation ... but found no trace of an attack from our school. Li denies any connection between the school with the military and refused to link China as revealed by the report, occurred in a computer science class taught by a professor from Ukraine. "No teachers came from Ukraine in this school, and we never employ any foreign workers," "The report was unfounded. Please show me the proof, Li said, as quoted in Xinhua. Lanxiang school teaches vocational skills such as cooking, mechanics and styling, while a computer science class lessons provide only basic computer courses, such as Xinhua reported AFP quoted. School director, said 38 students have been recruited since 2006 the military "because of their talent in the field workshops, cooking and electrical welding."