Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Zuk which is formed by the Lenovo brand. The Chinese company is offering Zuk Z1 as the first device that is ready to be released to the market globally. Interestingly, Lenovo and Zuk has mengandeng Cyanogen Cyanogen to bring the operating system on a smartphone OS makes. Surely the presence of Cyanogen as one of the most popular android custom rom in the world will be an attraction Zuk Z1 Lenovo to compete against the first smartphone vendors dominate the mobile phone market middle class and above.

Zuk ready to enter the new port technology USB Type-C port which will soon become a standard port. Port USB Type-C will be used next new peripheral devices, replace the micro USB port which is common now.

 USB Type-C has several advantages, including plugs that will not be wrong because the tide reversed, both sides of either the upper or lower side of the same. This port supports high speed data transfer and Zuk Z1 already has 3 USB standard, which allows data transfer speeds 10x faster than standard USB 2 port also has support USB OTG, where if we do not already have peripherals with USB connector Type -C, the port is capable of backward compatible with the use of a port that is already readily available converter.

Zuk Z1 becomes the first and only today introduced a new company founded in April 2015. After a 4 months later, Z1 Zuk products introduced to the domestic market of China, and a few days later in cooperation with Cyanogen, Zuk Z1 directly released into global markets. Now Zuk Z1 in quick time in addition to being a player in the Chinese market, has entered into global markets such as Hong Kong, Europe, Arab, and now for the Indonesian market as the first Asian market. In Europe alone, now Zuk Z1 be ranked first smartphone with a price range of USD 300-USD 400.