Monday, July 23, 2012

Batman The Dark Knight Rises , IOS and Android

The Dark Knight Rises, also hit the IOS and Android mobile devices in the form of the game. Taking the same title with the movie, feel the sensation becomes the hero of Gotham City.
Not like 'Batman Arkham City' made by Warner Bros., for the working game Batman: Dark Knight Rises by Gameloft. Sure the graphics are created as cool as the movie.


players are invited to solve the mystery, including swinging from building to building skyscrapers. Plus the dark atmosphere of tense nan ala Batman movie.
The more steady, because cars like the Bat-Pod Batman can also be played by players. about the price turns out there is quite a striking difference with the previous series. Because, when Batman Arkham City valued USD 0.99, the 'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises' on sale for USD 6.99