Friday, June 17, 2011

Rollercoaster 'crazy' Takabisha , steepest in the World.

A rollercoaster 'crazy' that was just created in Japan, Takabisha. Rollercoaster is touted as the world's steepest roller coaster.

Takabisha dominant meaning of this, have a working system by relying on a combination of gravity and a set of linear motors on the train. Thus, the roller-coaster can reach speeds 100kmph. Visitors like flying because they trace the rollercoaster will take the steep slopes. Maybe you get used to feel the rollercoaster that has a sharpness angle of 45 degrees. This roller coaster has a tilting level with almost 90-degree angle.

In the shadow of Mount Fuji in Yamanash, visitors can feel the sensation of stomach turmoil in the fall of the highest peaks. Height reached 43 meters and 121 degrees of steepness. Rollercoaster has seven major twists and turns along 1,000 feet of track.
Do not think this rollercoaster ride will bring visitors in a super high speed. Because, beautiful views of Mount Fuji can still be enjoyed in seconds-112.