Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free apps in Android Make Batteries run out quickly

Many popular applications are supplied free on the Android platform. On the one hand it is very profitable, but apparently without realizing there are quite a disturbing loss for Android users.

According to a survey conducted by Purdue University and Microsoft, many free applications in the Android was made ​​quickly drains the battery in the handset.
For example, when users play Angry Birds, 45% is used to run ads from a third party. Of these 45%, 15% of which is used to locate users with GPS, and 24% with the help of 3G to display the ads accordingly.

Not only that, a lot of wasted energy even when users surf using native browser. For GPS and 3G using 16% and 31% of the total energy in the battery.

Bug alias gap in the application were also made ​​on the Android handset is far more wasteful. The research team found a bug called 'wakelock' in Mail and Facebook Android App that also drain energy not less.