Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mozilla Firefox Release 8 for Android, Fitted New Features and More Secure

Mozilla has released Firefox 8 for Android. Newer versions of the Mozilla browser is now available in Android Market that will come up with some improvements from previous versions.

stated that specifically for users of Android, Firefox 8 will come with a feature add-ons that are cool plus high-level security.

Not only that, in addition to standard features, Firefox 8 also comes with a Twitter search feature that can be used to find trends, topics, and even the name of the user on the main search box in the browser.

Firefox 8 also bring additional security features for its users, called the Master Password. This feature allows the user to create a password to encrypt stored data or information which is connected directly to the browser.

8 Firefox users were given another bonus in the form of the ability to add bookmarks to home screen which is an evolution that will transform the user experience in cyberspace on an Android phone. In addition, this feature can also simplify and accelerate access to your favorite sites through the home screen