Sunday, June 5, 2011

Windows 8 , Can run on all devices

Microsoft showcased a number of devices that can run either Windows 8 tablets, desktops, and notebooks. For example artificial Dell, Asus, Quanta Computer. In fact, the system is to show that Windows 8 runs on ARM chip-based devices, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and NVidia.

Steven Sinofsky, the President of Windows at Microsoft, demonstrated the direct Windows-based devices 8 in the presence of Microsoft technology enthusiasts. Windows 8 is designed as a single operating system that can work on any platform with varying screen sizes, both supporting and non-touch screen.

"Windows 8 is the largest operating system changes made since Windows 95," said Julie Larson-Green, Vice President of Microsoft

We also showed effortless movement between existing Windows programs and new Windows 8 apps. The full capabilities of Windows continue to be available to you, including the Windows Explorer and Desktop, as does compatibility with all Windows 7 logo PCs, software and peripherals.
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