Monday, May 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 , Specifications and Prices

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, a rival iPad 2, has a screen size (display) 10.1 inch (1280 x 800 pixels). Greater than first-generation Galaxy Tabs measures just 7 inches (1024 x 600 pixels). Even bigger than the screen iPad 2, which remained consistent with 9.7-inch screen sizes (1024 x 764 pixels).

The second generation Galaxy Tab Samsung uses dual-core processor 1GHz, so that its speed two times faster than previous generations. For the operating system, Galaxy Tab 2 uses Android Honeycomb, which is the latest operating system that reportedly designed specifically for Tablet PC.

price of $ 499 for 16GB storage, and $ 599 for 32GB. Reportedly, Samsung has also prepared another variant of this second generation tablet, with a smaller screen size, which is 8.9 inches. As for the processor and operating system, still using the dual-core and Honeycomb Android. For Tab Galaxy 8.9, the cut-rate $ 469 for 16GB storage, and $ 569 for 32GB storage.