Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Salt - Angelina Jolie Movie Review

Angelina Jolie in this film became the CIA agent named Evelyn Salt and also as a Russian spy in America.

Orlov said the arrest of the Salt as a Russian spy. Salt is a great secret agent. Salt was obtained training and years of experience running various missions of death, making Salt refer them to escape and outwit the pursuer.


Angelina Jolie in the film Salt feminine style but have a great action in its mission.
Evelyn Salt discovery and as a Russian spy in the making of Salt-chase chase CIA and FBI agents because it is dangerous for America.

 Salt targets as the eyes - the eyes of Russia was to kill the Russian president who visited the city of New York in the funeral.

The next target is to murder an American president in the white House in a tight guard. Salt in action disguised as a male and dressed in NATO officials.

The theme of this film is also very actual story, in the middle of a case of Russian spy network that had recently been arrested in America.