Monday, February 22, 2010

caution, thieves in the plane

French police are investigating allegations of a pickpocket who stole thousands of euros from the passengers as they slept in the Air France plane from Tokyo to Paris. "Investigations are underway," said a spokesman for border police airport Charles de Gaule in Paris, when asked for confirmation of the report in Le Figaro daily networking.
The newspaper reported about 4,000 euros (5744 U.S. dollars) allegedly stolen from the five business class passengers as they slept in the night flight. "In this aircraft, which took off from Narita, Tokyo, at 22:00 local time, the passengers often sleep very soundly until they woke shortly before arriving in Paris around 0400 local time," said one alleged to be victims as quoted by Le Figaro. One woman told the crew cabin when he woke up and found some money missing, said the passengers were. "This woman contacted staff to inform that all the cash in her handbag was stolen. All the money in Swiss francs, euros and yen seems to amount to 3,000 euros," the passenger said. Air France spokeswoman said the pilot had told the police when the plane landed. "I would say that was rare a few passengers at once reported stolen in the plane," he said. He said although the airline is responsible for luggage, passengers also have responsibility for the goods they bring into the cabin.