Monday, February 22, 2010

Camel burgers healthy

A traditional restaurant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to add a new dish to the menu, and referred to as fat-free choice for meat-eaters are aware of the health, Camel Burger (burger camel). With the price of 20 UAE dirhams (5.45 dollars), Local House restaurant offers a quarter-pound burger with camel meat, cheese and stuffed with burger sauce, Xpress weekly report on Thursday, told Reuters. Ali Ahmad Esmail, assistant manager of Local House, told the newspaper that the burgers were fat and cholesterol free.
"It's trade secrets," said Esmail. Camel meat is widely consumed in some Arab countries, but not exclusively sold in supermarkets or served in restaurants. Newspapers reported the Local House declared himself as the first restaurant that serves burgers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A fast food shop in neighboring UAE, Saudi Arabia, the camel boy put burgers on the menu list last year. Camel burgers, a favorite of local residents and tourists, in the near future can be presented at the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower that originally dinaman Burj Dubai, where the Local House will open a branch, the daily said. The burgers served with fries, and the paper states that a burger can be accompanied by soft drinks camel's milk, which is also available in Dubai.