Friday, February 26, 2010

140 year old hot dog Coney Island

Hot Dog first, according to historians for the first time since the food is frozen in a piece of ice, and then they cook it in the oven, meat, bread, vegetables, in the made one.

Nathan's Hot Dog, is characteristic of the islands Conlyney, Brooklyn, United States. Hot Dog eating contest is a genuine American tradition than in Nathan, has been continuing since 1916 and has become part of the United

recently found wrapped Hot Dog in the ice beneath the pier's famous Feltman's Kitchen.

Coney Island holds a lot of history of Brooklyn and New York, and for them to find a hot dog is just something to add onto it, said Quincy Cook.

That's unbelieveable, finding hot dogs that are 140 years old. That's crazy. To me, that's crazy, said Antonio Velez.

story about the discovery of the "140 years of hot dog" which was a big lie.